The fully customisable, modular anti-cheat for Spigot.

download 1.9.1

Note: Skynet currently is dependant on ProtocolLib, but this is subject to change.


Change the way Skynet works, from ban delays, to VPN probability, to the color scheme. Skynet is yours.


Each heuristic is housed in its own Jar file, which can be dynamically loaded, unloaded, enabled, and disabled on the fly. This means you can write your own heuristics, or easily port existing ones.


Is the config not enough? Skynet's addon system has its own event handler, unique to the anti-cheat's mechanics. Even adding your own events is a breeze.


A headache for cheaters

Due to the modular nature of Skynet, circumventing it is a real pain. Since Skynet itself does not contain any heuristics, every instance of the anti-cheat works differently. This makes the anti-cheat entirely unpredictable in how it operates, and therefore bypassing it will be a rarity. If you prefer to have a readily available set of heuristics designed for Skynet, you may purchase a license key in the Premium section.